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Chef de Cuisine, Mohd Izhar Bin Supar, the Johor-born chef has over 26 years of experience in Western and Asian cooking, and has worked in hotels and restaurants as well as a two-year stint in Jeddah.

Chef Izhar believes that food can bring people together even for a small portion of the day, there’s a gratification in that. Chef Izhar also is an active HALAL committee member and won awards during this tenure in many establishments.

26 years experience

Western, Middle Eastern & Modern Malay Cuisines



Chef Gan Peng Han has spent his career honouring traditional culinary practices and exploring authentic Chinese cuisine from Chinese restaurant to established hotel.

Chef’s Gan warm personality may be easy going, but he’s fussy when it comes to food.

His vast contribution in helping to preserve China’s food culture. Chef Gan is very passionate towards his food production, presentation and taste besides giving his guest a unique dining experience which aim to be beyond guest’s expectation.

30 years experience

Cantonese Cuisines